So, I’ve been informed through email and instant messaging that a lot of you are intrigued and want to know more, so I will try to give you more.
Firstly, I decided to keep this blog for several reasons. I’ve found that many men in relationships, married or otherwise, carry heavy burdens. These burdens are due primarily to differences in the way that men and women think. There are so many relationships that are salvageable and so many relationships where cheating can be eliminated. The cheating epidemic really has to do with emotions. Men feel as if they can’t tell their significant others their deepest darkest secrets. Men feel like they can’t tell their women their most intimate desires. This is where I come in. I am The Kept BBW also known as The BBW Confidant. I am called this because I am a keeper of secrets and a confidant. Am I a BBW? Yes. Am I Sexy? You bet. But that’s just part of the appeal. Am I going to have sex with you? I’m just the emotional component that you’re missing. With proven success, I will show you how to deeply communicate with your significant other and get back to having a meaningful sexual relationship with her. Relationship repair is the goal because after all, cheating is dangerous and can be deadly. For men and women who are not in relationships and desire to “get things of their chest”, but are not looking for a traditional counselor, my confidant services are ideal. After all, holding on to secrets, problems and dilemmas is stressful. It will ultimately, reduce your quality of life and decrease your lifespan. Why, because it’s no secret that stress can kill you.

As a graduate psychology major, I know how people think and as a beautiful, Black BBW, I know men. I’m good at what I do!

Hopefully, this answers the questions that some potential clients have. As always, you can be guaranteed of complete discretion and confidentiality. Please direct any other questions to:

Most Sincerely,

The BBW Tit Counselor



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