How To Make A Date With An Escort.


Let me just get it out of the way by saying I looooove what I do. I am only a companion part time, as I have a full time career. However, for me nothing beats the excitement of a secret rendezvous with a distinguished gentlemen!

Truth be told, as long as he’s a gentleman I will likely see him whether he’s distinguished or not.
However, for some reason, I get about 100 inquiries a week from men that either:

1) Have no idea of how to book a companion.


2) They are law enforcement.

Guys, no matter which category you fall into if you call talking reckless, for safety sake any girl is going to assume you are law enforcement if you call or email asking questions like this:


Sorry, kid but you must refine your skills, tremendously! I never claimed to do any of the things you are asking. Such an explicit question will surely guarantee you a very lonely night for you or anyone who attempts to use this kind of language with a companion.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sensitive to man’s plight and I would like to help those of you who need a little assistance with etiquette. Below, I’ve posted a link that should help you boys (and girls) stay out of trouble. I hope this helps.


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