A Rendezvous With Robert


Bright and early this morning, I found myself fantasizing about a guy (for the sake of anonymity, we’ll call him Robert) that I’ve been dating for about 3 months now. If you’re wondering what kind of relationship we have, I’ll just say that he calls me “Sugar of Charlotte” (we’ll save that for another post).

Anyway, I rarely reminisce in this way but I think our encounters sort of reminds me of the movie, “Pretty Woman”, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. With exception of the fact that I’m more cultured; I’ve got a lot more booty and breast than Julia Roberts and I’m a sexy, multiracial chocolate mocha treat!

Once a month Robert flies in to Charlotte from Miami on business and pleasure. He usually flies in on a Friday afternoon and I make sure I set aside a two-hour block of time on Friday and a four-block of time on Saturday just to do him!

There’s three things Rob likes to do with me:

1) He likes to feed me! Nothing but the finest upscale dining. The best cuisine and fine wine.

2) He loves to take me shopping. South Park Mall is his favorite mall in Charlotte (and mine too). He does occasionally greet me with gifts in tow. The man is full of surprises!

3) Lastly, he loves to fuck me! Note: the careful verb choice here. He likes to pound me hard and give this chocolate pussy a hard, nasty fuck!

Needless to say, this man drives me wild! Just thinking about our monthly get together makes me want to cum!  Rob is a very handsome man who’s well put together and very disinguished. His cock is average just like most men but there’s just something about a #3 combo (food, fucking and shopping) that drives a BBW Diva wild. I should mention that there’s never been a time that he touched me and I didn’t squirt all over!

Yep, Food, Fucking and Shopping is what keeps The Kept BBW happy and is guaranteed to make me squirt relentlessly!

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