The Ultimate BBW Companion!


Welcome! On a very part time basis, I am available as a Companion.

I offer a unique approach to helping people resolve issues and concerns in their lives.

I specialize in: Sexual Concerns, Relationsh​ip Issues, Involuntar​y Celibacy, Mind/Body Connection​, Work/Life Balance, Stress Management​. In addition, I offer a host of other services. All done confidential and discreet, of course.

As for my physical description: I’m a sophistica​ted, classy, sensual and sexy mocha BBW. I am 5’7″ and 40G au natural. I have raven hair and beautiful, brown, bedroom eyes.

More about me: I’m very educated and well read. I am currently a university student. You should know that I love traveling and I travel more often than not. I am a lover of “Beautiful Things” and a proponent of “Stress Free” living. My motto for life is: Do what makes you happy as long as you’re not harming yourself or others.

I am known as: The Kept BBW for two distinct reasons:

1) I am a keeper of your inner most secrets.

2) Once you become a client, you will most definitely want to keep me.


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