You Asked For It!


Through talking with men primarily during my introductory meetings, I’ve found that many men in relationships, married or otherwise, carry heavy burdens and are just looking for a warm, soft spoken, understanding woman who will listen to them. They are looking for companionship free from arguing, nagging, fussing and fighting.  Others feel as if they can’t discuss their deepest intimate secrets and desires with their significant others. In a nutshell, many men have found that they just aren’t free to be who they are. This is where I come in.

Who am I? Why, I’m The Kept BBW of course! Am I BBW? Of course. Am I sexy? Absolutely. As a PhD student in psychology, I know how people think. And as a gorgeous, BBW, I know men and I’m good at what I do!

I am the emotional component that you’ve been missing in your life. After all, many men who strike up outside relationships do it because there is an emotional component that is missing in their relationship. They feel misunderstood when communicating with their spouse or they simply don’t feel loved, listened to or appreciated anymore.

Even more difficult, is the single man who is without companionship due to his full schedule and demanding schedule. I can help you by offering you an unparalleled experience free from time wasting, as I know time is valuable.

With proven success, I will show you salvage your relationship:

– How to deeply and effectively communicate with her.

– How to regain a meaningful relationship.

– How to turn her into a whore in the bedroom! Hopefully, she’s already a lady in the streets?!

Hopefully, this answers the questions that some of my potential clients have. As always, with all of my services, you are guaranteed complete discretion and confidentiality. Please feel free to direct any other questions to:

Most Sincerely,

The Kept BBW


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