Does Size Really Matter?


After hillariously laughing at the picture posted above, the age old question ran across my mind: Does size really matter? Well yes and no!

Let me break this down so you fellas understand it. Assuming you’re not on the polar ends of the spectrum; the size of Ms. Vega’s pinky finger or my forearm, you’re good. Again, if you’re a fellow of average size, for most women this is acceptable. Provided you have a great stroke AND you’re not a two minute brother, there’s no worries.

Now, if you’re a gentleman who wasn’t blessed in that department, have no fear! You just better have a GREAT tongue and AWESOME wallet!

Quite honestly, if I had to have sex every day, I’d prefer an average one because it’s less of a chore. No sensible woman wants to be raveged everyday by a horse cock. It’s not good for everyday but ideal for a one night stand or a fling. In my profession, I much prefer an average sized penis or one on the smaller side. Why, because they’re easier to work with. That’s just my two cents!


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