Sitting Pretty


Hey Gorgeous,

How are you on this wonderful Sunday evening? Okay, so you all know how much The Kept BBW loves receiving mail! Checks and gifts are my favorite. But since I love my clients, readers, followers and admirers. I don’t mind answering questions for you guys. Well, today, I recieved an email from a sweet gentleman. I can’t remember whether he is a blog, twitter or instagram follower because I use as a contact email for all of the social networking sites. Here’s his question:

Question: Hey Ms. Vega, I love your body and your confidence. I’m curious, why don’t you ever show your face in your photos.

Answer: There are several reasons I don’t show my face in my photos.

1) The number one reason I don’t show my face in my photos is because I don’t mix business with personal. Escorting is a part time thing for me. Sort of like a hobby of mine. But I have a reputable career that I’ve worked hard to establish. In addition, I’m well respected in my community. I don’t think anyone needs to know that the chick who sponsored your local Thankgiving Turkey Giveaway is a high class escort.

2) My Clients. The majority of my clients are very established, well to do gentlemen. The majority of my dates start out as dinner dates or a night out on the town. Many of my clients are not willing to risk being being with an escort who doesn’t use complete discretion.

3) Lastly, believe or not, I’m actually a pretty private girl. No really, it’s true! Despite the fact that I’m a blogger and an escort, I’m actually quite reserved.

So if you see a picture of some bbw beauty with a luscious ass (on my blog), and her face is not covered; know that it’s not me but just a picure of a bbw model. The Kept BBW’s face will ALWAYS be covered. It’s part of my mystique. Sorry boys and girls, only paying client have the pleasure of seeing Veronica Vega’s lovely face. Until next time, stay calm and stay kept.

Sitting Pretty,

The Kept BBW a.k.a Veronica Vega

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