The Kept BBW: On Anonymity & Confidentiality


For any new readers, clients and potential clients you should know that I take extreme care in protecting my clients identity, when screening clients, meeting clients, or blogging.

I never use the real names of clients I choose to blog about. For purposes of anonymity and confidentiality, instead of using clients’ names, I always refer to them by another name, usually which ever name seems to fit their look or personality. In addition, with regards to my clients, I never give any clues that might potentially give away my clients’ identities. For instances, if a clients has a variety of fruits tattooed on their rear end, that is not information that I will be blogging about. I’m going to omit that detail, as it could potential giveaway my client’s identity.


Why am I so cautious? For one thing, I care about my clients. Although its fun for me to blog about the experiences I encounter in the adult entertainment business and rather entertaining for my readers,  I wish for my clients to stay under the radar.

In addition, anybody could be reading my blog. I do know for a fact that I have a very, very diverse following. Hobbyists, parents, grandparents, escorts, and professionals from every field browse my blog. I know because they ask email me daily with questions about the business. With that being said, I would never wish to out anyone and I make sure to take every precaution as a result.

Stay tuned for my next blog entry titled, “Sexing Stewart”.

Until Next Time,

The Kept BBW

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