Lessons From A B¡+¢h Named Karma


Why is it that big, overgrown adults find it so hard to be nice to one another? Some of them are flat out, bullies, on a daily basis, with no rhyme or reason to their madness.

Instead of going for a much needed pedicure, I was out grocery shopping (sigh). Ya’ll know I loooovvve shopping for everything, EXCEPT groceries.

Anyway, while in the store I witnessed 3 grown men pointing and cracking jokes at a young lady who attempted to get some cans off the shelf and failed each time.

At first glance, she appeared to be drunk. However, after assisting in picking the cans up off the floor and  asking her if she was okay, it was more apparent that she was recovering from some sort of brain injury and desperately trying to regain some independence and dignity.


Fortunately, I haven’t experienced personally (in years). I have an angelic face and a very pleasant demeanor but I am an expert at giving someone the “b!+¢h please” look and stopping them dead in their tracks.

I just hate to see people mistreated in this cruel world that we live in. Ironically, I was reading a blog post yesterday and in it the writer mentioned being a victim to others cruelty.

Surely you’ve heard the old saying be nice to people you meet on your journey to the top, as you will surely meet them again on your way back down to the bottom?!

The bottom line is this: It cost nothing to be kind to each other. Perhaps somebody is a little eccentric, or too big or too short. Maybe, you don’t like their style of dress. That doesn’t mean we need to be cruel or insensitive.


I learned years ago that what goes around, comes around. You may not be around when it circles back but your children may be on the receiving end.  I live my life in such a way that I make a point to treat people well because…

Karma is a bitch, and she’s not to be phucked with!


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