Etiquette & Frequently Asked Questions


I know that you will be a gentleman and be discreet, courteous, kind and respectful. Please be aware that I do not discuss or negotiate fee structure.

As a gentleman, you are asked to respect the following guidelines:

  • Cleanliness

    I value cleanliness please be clean and freshly showered, as will I. You must have good and proper hygiene with fresh breath. After all, this will provide a more pleasurable experience for both of us!

  • Fee Structure    

    The consideration for our session should be in cash, unless otherwise discussed. Please note: I do not accept credit cards from new clients. The consideration should be placed in an envelope (marked “Gift”) on the table to see upon my arrival so that we may proceed with our appointment together. I should not have to inquire as to its whereabouts.

  • Duration    
    The duration of services will be arranged before your arrival. Should you wish to increase your time with me I am happy to do so if time permits.

  • Blocked Calls
    No blocked calls will be answered. Use the proper Etiquette When Calling or E-mailing.

    No calls from pay phones, restaurants, bars,hotels, or nightlife venues, or any other public facility.

    Upon calling or e-mailing please refrain from using any language that may be deemed lewd, graphic, suggestive, illicit or explicit.

    Prior to the Appointment, please call if you will be late. I will do the same in

  • Upon entering our desired place to meet, do understand I will not discuss, the donation, or sexual encounters of any kind. Finally, let’s enjoy each other. You will find that if you are good to me, I will be very good to you!


    How much notice do you need when booking an appointment?

    Advanced notice is always greatly appreciated, I ask for a minimum of a day’s notice for appointments. Travel engagements require much more notice, so please contact me for more details regarding logistics and time frames. Remember, the more time I have to prepare for our special time together, the more delighted you will be.

    Are you Agency Affiliated?

    No, I am solely independent. I will be answering your phone calls and replying to your e-mails personally. This is our chance to get a glimpse into each other’s personalities and my clients have often commented how having the chance to speak with me personally prior to a first visit was both calming and reassuring—taking much of the nervous anticipation out of the initial meeting.

    Do you attend bachelor parties?

    No, I prefer to devote my full attention and pampering only to one special gentleman.

    Why do you hide your face?

    We all know that a picture can be worth a thousand words, but because I have family, friends, and other acquaintances who would not be so understanding as to why I love being a companion, I choose to only reveal my face once we have met in person. Rest assured that once you lay eyes on my whole self you will never forget the package in its entirety.

    What is your opinion regarding reviews?

    While I love to hear positive feedback, I think that personal details of our time shared together should be kept between you and me. Although imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you and I will both be happy to keep our precious and unique time together precious and unique. No person or experience can ever be the same. Thus, my favorite reviews are ones concerning my personality and professionalism, not the specifics of our most intimate moments together.

    Do you use drugs / alcohol / tobacco products?

    I absolutely do not partake in any variation of drugs or tobacco products. Living a healthy and clean lifestyle is of the utmost importance to me, and hopefully for my clients too. I do have a distinct appreciation for fine wines and a well-mixed martini—however I have always considered moderation to be the key of all pleasures in life.

    I DO NOT:

    * I do not see gentlemen under 30 years of age.

    * I do not engage in any dangerous or unsafe practices such as the exchanging of bodily fluid.

    * I do not offer services to clients under this influence of drugs or alcohol.


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