The Kept BBW: On Client Expectations And Safety Standards


Hey Honeys, it’s been a little while hasn’t it? I’ve missed you all. I think it’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) time. This will begin a series of faq posts that will hopefully answer many of the questions that client send to my inbox on a daily basis. Here we go.

What expectations do you have for clients?

I expect my boyfriends to always be respectful, mature, polite, clean, generous, sane and drug & disease free only. Let me elaborate a little more on the words clean and gentlemen. “Clean” refers to both hygiene and being drug and disease free! Gentleman -A civilized, educated, sensitive, or well-mannered man: “He behaved like a true gentleman.”) gentleman. (n.d.). Unabridged. Retrieved January, 23, 2012, from website:

In addition to these things, clearly you will need to be financially sound!


Do you have any racial requirements?

Of course not. I do not have any special requirements for race. It simply doesn’t matter. However, I do have a preference and it is white gentlemen. No matter what race, you should be a minimum of 35 years of age!

Are you safe?

This question can be interpreted in many ways. Let me cover all basis. Safety is of utmost importance to me, and is crucial to seeing if you and I will be compatiable!

I LOVE men who like to play safe! To clarify, this can mean either men who are in safe monogamous relationships, or men who chose to be intimate with women or providers who play safe as well! Yes, I like to have fun, but I like to have safe fun! I am a low volume low risk provider, and like my clients to be as well! As a result, I am completely disease free and I intend to keep it that way.

Safe sex is fun sex. There’s nothing quite like being able to completely let go in the moment and knowing you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

For more info on why this is important to me and should be to you as well, please visit (This line of work is fun, but can also be dangerous, so I don’t take any risks. STD statistics are staggering and no amount of money is worth risking my or my gentlemen friends health for.) If you are interested in anything bareback, please look elsewhere. There are plenty of fish in the sea!

Do you have a particular type?

I like most “types” looks/personality wise as long as you’re polite! Someone looking for repeat encounters is a plus as I like to keep my client base small and intimate. Hopefully you do too! THIS MEANS NO HOBBYISTS, PLEASE!!!

Being literate is also a plus because our first contact will be via e-mail. Please do not have any genital, tongue, lip, mouth or labret piercings. Please note that if I do not think you and I are compatible for any reason, I have the right to decline to meet you. I do this because I enjoy it, and not because I “have to.”

Honesty is an important value to me, and I enjoy having genuine chemistry with someone. If I chose to decline meeting you, I will send you an email and let you know, as I value your time. Please do not let this discourage you. There is someone for everyone!


Have you ever had experiences with disabled clients? How do you meet their special needs?

Yes, and I welcome disabled clients! Everyone is different, so whatever it is, just let me know and we’ll work around it! Just let me know what I need to do to make you comfortable and what you like the most.




A Good Man


Ladies, if you’ve got a good man who treats you like a princess, treat him well and show him you appreciate him.

Whether you’ve heard it phrased,  “A Lady in the streets and a whore in between the sheets” or “A Lady in the streets and a whore in the bedroom”, the old saying still stands.

It’s YOUR man… show him that you take good care of what’s yours.

Sexing Stewart

Hey Sweeties. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about a client and I know I was supposed to do this post before today but I got busy with life. Don’t we all? It seems that just when you have something urgent to do, all of a sudden there’s more added to your plate. I’ve got a few entrepreneurial ventures that I’m pursuing, so I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire right now. But the time has come that I must tell you about my last date.


A couple of days ago, I received an email from a gentleman whom I shall call Stewart. Of course the name isn’t sexy (by any means). However, he sort of reminds of a psychology professor in University who I had a major crush on. I still have fantasies about being spread eagle across his desk in the psych department, but that’s another story. Anyway, back to Stewart. So, he sends me an email stating that he would like to meet up. After his screening checked out, I gave him the okay for the date and time he requested. He’s requested that I meet him at one of the four-star hotels in the area. Upon arriving at his room, he must have sensed me because I had barely knocked and the door was already slowly swinging open. He invited me in and kissed me on the cheek, complimenting me on my beauty and beaming from ear to ear. He appeared to be around 6’2″, at least 220, muscular, White and sexy as sin! Stewart just became sexy Stu! He walked me over to the sofa and offered me a seat. We sat on the sofa for about twenty minutes and chatted about politics and current events. While conversing, he took the liberty of rubbing my thigh. It didn’t take much to get used to his touch, as he didn’t feel like a stranger. I’ll tell you, his touch was absolutely electrifying and every time he touched me, my pussy lurched.

In no time, I was naked and he was hurriedly unzipping his pants. While doing so, he commented that my body type is what he has been fantasizing about for as long as he could remember. For those of you that have seen my photos you know that I am a true bbw! I’m fat, fly and fabulous. Some might call me thick but I’d venture to say bbw. My weight isn’t sloppy or flabby and at two hundred-plus pounds is distributed perfectly all around my body. Even at this size, my weight is held in hourglass form, my breasts, hips, and ass forming smooth curves. My skin silky and radiant. I shouldn’t have been surprised when I saw his cock leap out of his underwear, as he had already warned me of his excitement. I was mesmerized by the size of his cock, every bit of 8 inches and almost as thick around as one of those bath & bodyworks body spray bottles! It was clear that our talk was over as he gently ran his fingers through my hair, cupped the back of my head. In a swift but still very gentle move he proceeded to lower my head into his lap and part my lips with his cock. He used my hair to maneuver my head and slowly pushed and pulled my head up and down the length of his amazing cock. I didn’t complain or hesitate at all, I just continued polishing Sexy Stu’s knob to completion when he pulled out and blasted his creamy load all over my heavy, 40G tits!

Apparently this was all Stu needed was some throat action because after he cumming he requested a towel. Upon receiving it, he wiped his cum off of my hanging tits, then himself. We talked a little bit more as we dressed and he promised he would be calling to utilize my services again. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Note To Self: Easy client. Sexy. Great tipper. The type of client that makes me want to stay in the profession a little longer than planned. I can’t wait to blow him again.

The Kept BBW: On Anonymity & Confidentiality


For any new readers, clients and potential clients you should know that I take extreme care in protecting my clients identity, when screening clients, meeting clients, or blogging.

I never use the real names of clients I choose to blog about. For purposes of anonymity and confidentiality, instead of using clients’ names, I always refer to them by another name, usually which ever name seems to fit their look or personality. In addition, with regards to my clients, I never give any clues that might potentially give away my clients’ identities. For instances, if a clients has a variety of fruits tattooed on their rear end, that is not information that I will be blogging about. I’m going to omit that detail, as it could potential giveaway my client’s identity.


Why am I so cautious? For one thing, I care about my clients. Although its fun for me to blog about the experiences I encounter in the adult entertainment business and rather entertaining for my readers,  I wish for my clients to stay under the radar.

In addition, anybody could be reading my blog. I do know for a fact that I have a very, very diverse following. Hobbyists, parents, grandparents, escorts, and professionals from every field browse my blog. I know because they ask email me daily with questions about the business. With that being said, I would never wish to out anyone and I make sure to take every precaution as a result.

Stay tuned for my next blog entry titled, “Sexing Stewart”.

Until Next Time,

The Kept BBW

No Children Allowed!


I really need a sign that reads, “If you’re not at least 35 years old, please walk away. I have had 21 year old clients before and no matter how cute they are, I certainly don’t prefer them. I prefer 35+. However, so many of my inquires are from what I would consider young adults.

If you’re reading this and your 20’s, just know that while I’m absolutely flattered at your admiration,anything under 35 just won’t work. It just won’t cut the mustard. A girl like me requires a certain level of maturity and no offense to anyone but at the tender young age of 21, you just don’t have it yet.

P.S. Even though I won’t take you on as a client, take solace in knowing that there is somebody out there that will.